Bullying Prevention Workshops for Parents/Children
      Confident Woman Workshop/Seminar
      Safe Families/Cyber Safety/Cyber Bullying

 Elderly and Chid Abuse Awareness
      Church Alliance Against Domestic Violence
      Bikers against Domestic Violence
      Support Groups for Domestic Violence Survivors
      Safety and Self Defense classes for Seniors, Women and  Children
      Awareness Campaign Event during the Domestic Violence Awareness Month
      Awareness Campaigns in Television, Radio, Newspaper and Social Media
      Fashion Show and Beauty for Survivors
      Referrals to public and private agencies
      Safety Plans
      Shelters Support
      Self Esteem and Empowerment  classes
      Mission trips

Princess and Knights

Workshops for Boys and Girls

Princesses and Knights is a prevention program for children and teenagers. The main purpose is to educate and empower the young girls and boys strengthen their self esteem so in the future they can avoid domestic violence, sexual abuse, and bullying in their lives. The workshop can be offered in churches, schools or any place that is solicited.

Workshops and Activities; Bullying Prevention Workshops, Etiquette and Manners, Safety and Self Defense Awareness, Hygiene, Health, Skin Care/Spa, Fashion Show

(If the workshop is requested on a church-We include the My friend Jesus workshop)

Safety and Self-Defense

Self Defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange/Defense Against Abduction

Life in your Hands also offers the SAFE program and R.A.D. systems for seniors, women and children. These programs can be a two hours or three days long classes.

The SAFE program is a Crime Prevention Program an educational resource and an introduction to the possibility of physical training as an option.

Objectives Create an opportunity to receive information may reduce the risk of expo sure to violence.



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Safety Plan

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