Bethzaida has a Master’s Degree in Counseling from the Ana G. Mendez University and a Baccalaureate Degree in Social Work, Psychology and Education from Turabo University.  Bethzaida founded Life in your Hands a non-profit organization that has its roots in domestic violence and abuse awareness. As a survivor, Bethzaida strongly feels that in order to eradicate domestic violence and abuse in the large scale you need to approach it from its roots.  Her program focus is to spread the word against domestic violence, child and elderly abuse, bullying and sexual assault thru television, newspaper, radio.  

Bethzaida coordinated “Mujer Segura” seminar that teaches leaders and the community about domestic violence and how this impact everyone and is broadcast to a public channel and its impacted thousands of people.   Bethzaida coordinated and created the “Bikers Against Domestic Violence” a motorcyclist’s ride and gigantic ribbon form with motorcycles as an innovative way to create awareness.  

 Her true passion is working with younger children.  As part of her organization she created the Princess/Knight program and she teaches wellness and empowerment to our young girls/boys so that they can be proud of their self-sufficiency and eventually grow up to be strong independent women/men.  

She works closely with churches, private and public organizations, providing workshops and consultation to strengthen the community.   Bethzaida also provides counseling services, safety and self-defense awareness classes to individuals and families through the program that covers Central Florida and Puerto Rico. 

 She is a community liaison for a local radio station and work as Public Education Coordinator for Osceola County Fire Rescue and EMS. 

 Bethzaida served as the County Liaison to assist the families and survivors of the Pulse shooting and the Coordinator of the Hurricane Maria Reception Center that assisted more than 15,000 people that were displaced from Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands as a result of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria.  

 Bethzaida has been recognized by the Governor of Florida, Telemundo, Department of Justice, Osceola Board of County Commissioners, Univision and other organization with different awards and public recognitions as an exemplary leader that goes way and beyond to help the community.   .